The Marathon Running Podcast

Episode #21 - How to fuel for a marathon with John Davis

Episode Summary

All you ever wanted to know about marathon fueling with John Davis - author, coach, and PhD student

Episode Notes

John Davis is a PhD student in biomechanics at Indiana University. He's also an author and coach. Today John breaks down the science behind optimal marathon fueling. We discuss questions such as: how many calories does it take to run a marathon? How many of those calories are carbs? How many carbs can you realistically absorb during a marathon? What do different fueling products have to offer, and which is best for me? Is it possible to become "fat adapted" and avoid the need for fueling during the race? What are my electrolyte and hydration needs during a marathon? John brings his depth of experience and knowledge of the scientific literature to bear on all these topics and makes the complex physiology accessible to all runners in practical terms.

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